1991 Ferrari 348 TS Challenge Car

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Spotted for sale is a 1991 Ferrari 348 TS Challenge Car for $61,500

Own a piece of automotive history with this stunning 1991 Ferrari 348 in the extremely rare and sought-after Blue Chiaro Metallic color. This is your chance to experience the exhilaration of driving a true classic. Has a removable targa top!

Mechanically, this 348 is in excellent running condition and delivers a thrilling driving experience. However, like any car of its age, it could benefit from a little tender loving care.

The body exhibits some clear coat peeling, which can be easily addressed to restore its original glory. Has a brand new set of Michelin PS2 tires and was recently serviced but belts are due.

What makes this Ferrari even more special is its unique history. It is believed to be one of the rare challenge-spec models, as indicated by its badging and challenge ECU.

Typically, 348 challenge cars were sent to dealers for conversion after leaving the factory, but this particular car appears to have never undergone that transformation. Interested buyers are encouraged to verify this claim for themselves.

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