1991 Dinan BMW V12 750IL twin turbo Found in California

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Spotted for sale in California is a 1991 Dinan BMW V12 750IL twin turbo for $32,000

Last one made of only 12 Dinan produced E32 v12 Twin Turbo Super Sedans.

149,000 miles

510WHP, Stage 3 Full Dinan suspension with adjustable Koni shocks, sway bars and camber plates.
3 Piece Dinan 18″ wheels.
Dinan LSD Differential and upgraded Dinan Brakes.
Dinan installed fire suppression system.
Recovered E34 M5 sport seats with all the E32 computers swapped in. Fully functional.
E34 M5 Steering wheel.

Car is in excellent shape and has been fully restored.
Here is the list of recent work:

1) Hood, Driver’s front fender, and both drivers side doors have been repainted.
3) 3 stage polish the entire car.
4) Brand new front center grill, new tinted side blinkers and bottom for lights.
5) Removed all 4 handles and installed new handle gaskets.
6) Brand new lower door seals.
7) Wrapped center chrome molding and window molding with 3m vinyl, all new clips.
8) New BMW emblems front and back.
9) Polished out Dinan wheels.

1) Purchased E34 M5 Sport seats and had the driver’s side reupholstered, transferred all of the computers and sensors from the old seats to M5 seats..
2) Installed brand new BMW weather and sound insulation seals at all 4 doors.
3) Shampooed and cleaned the whole interior and carpeting when seats were out.

1) Traced the running problem to Dinan Turbotronix ignition timing box, replaced the Dinan box with the only one available in the USA that Fixed the running issue.
2) Installed brand New Bremi ignition wires, caps and rotors, brand new Bosch coils and NGK spark plugs.
3) Pulled fuel assembly and fully rebuilt it including new pumps.
4) Did a Full top end job including all the seals, gaskets and hoses, eliminating all vacuum leaks.
5) Pulled the entire front suspension and replaced every piece with new Lemforder parts, removed Dinan Sway, repainted and installed with new links and bushings.
6) Replaced rear trailing arm linkages.
7) Installed new rotors and pads all around.
8) New engine mounts.

Car is insured and registered in my name, title in hand.

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