1991 BMW M5 Found for Sale

Spotted for sale is a 1991 BMW M5 for $13,500

Looking to sell the 1991 M5. When I say I’ll regret this I mean it. I have zero attachment to the e34 chassis itself but the s38 is the most fun motor I’ve ever had the pleasure of driving.

177k miles, rebuilt title after first owner’s front end collision. All vins match except hood (which I have).
I got this car 2 years ago, and instantly put 4.5k miles on it as a daily driver. Tore a belt on the highway, parked it and started the cooling system work. Head gasket did not blow, I stopped the car well before it overheated.
I’ve lost motivation with this car, but the main thing driving the sale is parking space- I’d keep it for 10 more years if I could. Located in the SF bay area, willing to ship anywhere in the US.

OEM Water pump and thermostat 100 miles ago.
New tensioners and belts (5 week wait for tensioners from Germany)
New (used) overflow tank, old one included in good shape. (BMW currently has a bad batch)
Leaks zero oil
Rebuilt AFM 5k miles ago
Runs very well
New dogbones 5k ago
Halogen headlights
Zero rust except for one tiny surface spot on fender
Brand new battery

Cons: bunch of small stuff
Interior needs work
Hood is for a widenose
Could use valve adjustment
While it runs and drives it’s been about 6 months since its last voyage- recommend a tow.
Idles high till you drive it for a few hours.
Needs coolant flush (might get to it this weekend)
Rear suspension is tired (SLS deleted)
Clear coat is fried and flaking
Wheels are reps

I have a 633 race car I dreamed about swapping the s38 into. Given how rusty it is, I think it would be a waste of my time, and a running M5 at this point. I have some extra parts. Car is on non-op so there shouldn’t be any fees.

My price is pretty firm at 13.5k. Please keep in mind this is the cheapest running, manual M5 for sale in the US that I can find. If you find one cheaper and in similar or better condition, I’ll match the price. If you’re a serious buyer get in touch and let’s talk.

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