1990 Porsche 944 S2 Rare Baltic Blue

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1990 Porsche 944 S2  Rare Baltic Blue

4 Cylinder 3.0 Engine

VIN: WP0AB2944LN450337

New Jersey License Plate

Location: New York

Price: $12,000

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The Porsche 944S2 is worth mentioning.  It is not a low production car by most Porsche production numbers.   There were 3,650 made in 3 years for the US Markets,  but only 449 delivered in 1990.  Porsche 911 pricing has gone through the roof and are out of reach for many enthusiasts these days.  I think people  are starting to discover the Porsche 944 and 944 Turbo cars as well as the 928 models for their performance and value.    They are a lot of bang for the buck.   Porsche  introduced these cars in  1989 and they made 208hp from a normally aspirated dual overhead cam 16 valve 3.0 Liter version of the 944 engine.   It was the largest production 3.0 Liter 4 cylinder engine of its time.  Porsche also gave these cars a revised transmission and gearing that was better suited to the 3.0 Liter m44/41 powerplant.    These cars has the same rounded nose and rear valance from the turbo model.

The 994 S2 had decent performance.  It could do 0-60 mph in 6 seconds with a 150 mph top speed.

Options were dual air bags, limited slip differential , and ABS.   These cars also had 16 inch cast alloy wheels as standard equipment.

Model Year Production Rest of World US
1989 7632 4941 2691
1990 3321 2872 449
1991 3118 2608 510
Totals 14071 10421 3650
Model Year Type Production Notes
1981 944 GTP/R Le Mans 2 1 Race car, 1 Test car
1986–1989 944 Turbo Cup 150 or more

This particular car was delivered to new owner in New Jersey on 9/5/1990.  No accident damage noted. I need of new tires.  Transmission supposedly in good condition.

Its a 1 owner car with 100k+ mileage.  Looks like the owner really loved this car.   He did an engine overhaul 15k miles ago  which included new cylinder head, cams, timing chain, water pump, alternator and much more.   Seller states car needs some minor which such as the window regulator and some trim pieces.   Its a relatively inexpensive way to get into a good handling Porsche sports car.   I had a friend in college that had one of these.  I always thought it was an interesting model.   It has the better looking body of the turbo .  This one is also painted in a nice blue color that I personally have not seen before.








Above.  There was a Club Sport Package called the M637 that was an available option to customer.   Porsche Motorsport Noth America imported 7 944S2 Club Sports into the US.   That must be hard to find these days.    The Engines were blue printed and hand built by the Porsche Factory race shop.    They were given a different chip which allowed 225 bhp.

There were delete options available to race oriented drivers such as sunroof delete, A/C delete, power steering delete, sound deadening delete, undercoating delete, fiberglass hood, black plastic door mirrors, strut tower brace with welding in brackets, M030 front brakes, turbo cup sway bars, koni adjustable suspension, and turbo cup springs (coilovers).


Above.    Porsche also produced a 944 S2 Cabriolet starting in 1989.  The first year they only produced 16 cars for the US market.   For the next year 1990, they were able to ramp up production to 1,824 for the US market.



Seller Description:
Rare color – only about 500 in the US
Larger 3.0L 16valve engine
Meticulously cared for with lots of work done
– engine overhaul 15k ago with new cylinder head, cams, timing chain, water pump alternator and much more
– needs some minor work for which I have all parts – window regulator, trim, etc.

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