1990 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC ‘Koenig Specials’ Version 2

1990 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC ‘Koenig Specials’ Version 2

Still for sale hammer price was £70,000 which was a bargain price but didn’t sell as the seller was looking for £125,000.

Not as appealing as the Version 1 with the Testarossa-style side vents but nonetheless a very unique and special kit.

Under the hood it’s fitted with an Albrex supercharger and a new exhaust manifold, with the ECU tuned to match. Uprated suspension and brakes.

With 400 bhp and 369 lb ft or torque the Koenig Specials version of the Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC was considerably faster, louder, and more visually impressive than the car it started out on.

Depending on which year you placed your order you would have received one of two bodykits, version one or version two. Version one has Ferrari Testarossa-like side strakes leading to the rear wheel arch and version two has a more traditional air inlet in the same location – both include flared wheel arches and an optional rear wing.

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