1990 Mercedes 190E 2.5 EVO II Found in Germany

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1990 Mercedes 190E 2.5 EVO II


Spotted in Germany is a 1990 Mercedes 190E 2.5 EVO II for €187,000.   This car is accident free and has only 2,250 kilometers since new.   This Evo II is numbered 194 and looks to be in exceptional condition.  It currently resides in Germany and has been fully restored.   You can contact the Representative who is in Poland for all questions regarding the purchase of this amazing car.

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VIN:  WDB 2010361F737876

Price €187,000 or $224,865 USD


Color: blue-black metallic (code 199)
- Full leather black
- electric sliding sunroof
- Air conditioner
- 4 electr. power windows
- Becker-Radio Grand Prix 2000
- Fire extinguishers
- Outside temperature indicator
- Head rests in the fund
- Exhaust gas purification system
- Seat heated front. u. li.
- Sports steering wheel
- Central locking system
- Rear speakers

Subsequent installation of:
- Telephone system with original antenna with dual function mobile phone Nokia 6310
- 4 special speakers with amplifier
- white front indicators (yellow indicators available)
- Tachometer disc 300 KM / H
- AMG valve cover
- Velor foot mats black front & behind
- CD changer in trunk
- perforated brake discs front and rear with ABE
- Steel braided brake lines front and rear (lower brake fee) with ABE
- Stainless steel entry rails

Motor system:
Group 01-05:
- Motor completely disassembled and repaired
- Cylinder head completely overhauled (8 exhaust and 8 intake valves with
Valve guides, seals completely renewed)
- Crank checked and all main bearings of the crankshaft renewed
- 4 pistons are renewed
- 4 connecting rods checked and the connecting rod bearings renewed
- Oil pump dismantled and assembled, according to chain and gear
- Control chain and chain tensioner renewed
- all slide rails for chains renewed
- all nozzles of the piston bottom cooling are renewed
- all hoses of engine ventilation are renewed
- all inter- Outlet ducts at the cylinder head as well as at the intake manifold and
Exhaust manifolds have been adapted
- Special valve cover from AMG
Group 07/15:
- Ignition manifold cap and finger renewed
- all ignition cables are renewed with all ignition and all interference suppression connectors
- all spark plugs renewed
- Starter and alternator completely overhauled
- Cuff of air mass meter renewed
- all injectors cleaned and replaced with complete seals
- Position sensor to the flywheel renewed

- 4 -

- TDC transmission cable to the front crankshaft renewed
Belt drive:
Group 13:
- Cone renewed
- complete clamping device and damper renewed

Group 20:
- Radiator expansion vessel with water level indicator renewed
- all water hoses and fittings renewed
- Thermostat with cover renewed
- Water cooler checked and cleaned
- Auxiliary fan for air conditioning with relay and series resistor renewed
- Coolant pump renewed
- Coolant renewed

Engine Mounting:
Group 22:
- both front engine bearings are renewed
- Rear transmission bearing replaced

Clutch system:
Group 25:
- Coupling disc, automatic ,. Pressure bearing and release fork renewed
- Clutch actuator and actuator cylinder as well as all hoses and pipes

Suspension and leveling control:
Group 32:
- at the front of the mufflers, the cuff, stops and attachments
- all stabilizers front and rear renewed
- Fittings and bearings of both rear shock absorbers renewed
- Stabilizers front & Rear powder coated

Group 33:
- Both crossbars are renewed with the screwed connections
- both wheel bearings and caps renewed at the front

Rear axle:
Group 35:
- Differential differential flange re. , li. Removed and installed and re-sealed
- Ventilation rear axle section renewed
- both rear wheel bearings renewed
- both brackets on the wheel carrier are renewed
- all tension struts, strut struts, thrust struts, tie rods. u. li. With
Fittings completely renewed
- Rear axle carrier complete with its bearings renewed
- new rear axle carrier powdercoated
- Rear axle oil change

Group 40:
- 4 original alloy rims and 4 MB caps in Chrome renewed

Drive shaft:
Group 41:
- Joint shaft intermediate bearing completely renewed
- Joint shaft recalibrated

brake system:
Group 42:
- complete brake system renewed (without cylinder)
- complete rear brake system (without cylinder)
- perforated brake discs (from ISA-Racing) fitted with ABE
- Handbrake jaws with all attachments as well as handbrake cables re. u. li.
- all brake hoses are replaced by special metal fabric hoses

- 6 -
- Brake reservoir with brake fluid renewed
Group 46:
- Steering oil with filter renewed
- both front, steering rods and steering damper are renewed

Fuel system:
Group 47:
- Check valves on both gasoline pumps are renewed
- Fuel filter with brackets and seals renewed
- both fuel hoses are renewed to the tank
- Hoses on tank for fuel evaporator renewed

Exhaust system:
Group 49:
- complete exhaust system with catalytic converter and exhaust system from exhaust manifold
Fittings renewed
- Exhaust manifold blasted and coated

Group 67:
- Windshield tinted

Group 68:
- all seals on doors and rear covers are renewed
- Manhole covers renewed on all sides
- all anodised trim bars on the rear and windshield, roof rails and
Decorating bars on rear doors renewed

Group 78:
- Complete storage of wind deflectors on the electr. Sunroof and both
Lifting angle renewed
Group 82:
- all bulbs (bulbs) inside and outside renewed
- white external blinker mounted front
- Interior light renewed
- both headlamp lenses renewed with seals
- Combined instrument at VDO tested and cleaned and Tachostand to zero
- Tachometer disc mounted at 300 KM / H
- Battery renewed
- Radio Becker Grand Prix 2000 at Becker agency cleaned and overhauled
- new loudspeakers with amplifier at the original location front & Rear mounted
- Telephone antenna installed and telephone system with handsfree kit Nokia 6310

Air conditioner:
Group 83:
- Climate condenser cleaned and repainted
- Hose and seals from radiator to the filling bottle as well as various screws
And brackets
- Liquid container (filter) with switch renewed and system refilled

Group 98:
- all attachments for painting, built-in
- Exterior of the vehicle completely painted with all A, B and C-pillars
- Replace all side panels on the wagon side. u. li.
- 4 wheel arch extensions
- Front bumper & behind
- bumper spoiler front & behind
- Additional lip on front bumper
- both outer mirror shells
- Longitudinal bolting re. u. li.
- Rear wing
Front front lip
Primed, painted with metallic lacquer and sprayed with clear lacquer.
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 dirtyoldcars.com    1990 Mercedes 190E  2.5  EVO II Found in Germany     4 
dirtyoldcars.com    1990 Mercedes 190E  2.5  EVO II Found in Germany     5
 dirtyoldcars.com    1990 Mercedes 190E  2.5  EVO II Found in Germany     6
 dirtyoldcars.com    1990 Mercedes 190E  2.5  EVO II Found in Germany     7 dirtyoldcars.com    1990 Mercedes 190E  2.5  EVO II Found in Germany     8

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