1990 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE Pearl White

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Spotted for sale is a 1990 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE Pearl White/Navy Blue $35K for $35,000

From seller

I’ve decided to list my 1990 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE. It is a very desirable color combination finished in Pearl White and Navy Blue leather interior with body matched oem wheels. This Turbo SE is an all around clean example with 75,300 miles. The exterior and interior are completely original. No accidents with a clean/clear Illinois title in my name in hand. It fires right up, idles, and drives great. VIN #SCCFC20B9LHF65885

Here is a google drive link with 75 photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CxkOj4fPSx3ioRQ7ecTTKHtNQsRzJ_2u

I’ve uploaded Two 10 minute videos (Walk around and startup video, and driving video) here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-1ZVaA4ELI7H5FkyOBi8HPHgpmTgc23O

Please checkout both of the above videos, they will take a close look at everything inside and out and answer a lot of questions. 

Some recent services I completed:
– 6/8/21 had the brake master cylinder, front brake calipers, all brake lines, & pads replaced. $3K service. Rotors and rear calipers are still in good shape.
– 4/14/21 had 4 new tires installed and balanced. Ventus V2 205/50R15 fronts, 245/50R16 rears
– 5/15/22 Rebuilt headlight motors
– 5/15/22 New spark plugs
– 5/15/22 Oil + filter change Mobil 1 15W-50, K&N HP-2004
– 5/15/22 Trans fluid changed Red Line MT90
– 5/15/22 Replaced coolant caps
– New luggage compartment carpet set (originals included)

– Borla stainless exhaust (Sounds amazing – No other 4 cylinder car sounds this good! Listen in 2nd video above).
– Bailey blow off valve
– Upgraded chip boosting to 1LB 315HP
– Stainless steel Esprit door sills (Removable)
– Clifford alarm system

Extras included:
– Includes 2 sets of keys with remotes
– Original tool set
– Original spare tire
– Original pearl white wind deflector when sunroof is removed
– Original sunroof travel sleeve
– Original battery cover
– Original Lotus warranty booklets
– FreeScan drive and ALDL cable for ECU communication
– 1,900 page digital parts & service manual

– Both side window motors a little slow to rise, haven’t gotten around to fixing these yet. Easy fix
– Airbag light on unknown why – the steering wheel & airbag are original
– CEL light on code 26(B) – Previous owner said this was due to aftermarket secondary fuel injectors that are not quite the factory impedance. CEL does not affect performance
– Air conditioning not currently working have not tried recharging system yet
– Driver side seat belt starting to fray
– A slight valve cover gasket leak
– There is visible corrosion in the secondary coolant tank which connects to the intercooler & is welded to the main header tank. Main header tank has no corrosion and expansion tank is totally clean. JAE sells a replacement for around $300 or you can recoat.

Selling because I am have wedding soon and am making some adjustments. I know I’ll be kicking myself in a few years for selling it as 80’s/90’s mid-engine exotic cars continue going crazy in this generational shift. The driving experience and smiles per mile the Esprit delivers is unrivaled compared to anything under $40K. I’m not in a rush to sell but am open to fair negotiations. If you buy this Esprit and live within a day’s drive you can definitely drive it home however a timing belt service is needed due to age (No signs of wear). Hope to find this car a good home. Asking $35,000 priced firmly to sell.

This is an SE model. The differences between this 1990+ SE models and 88/89 non-SE versions are:
– Liquid-Air Chargecooler (Intercooler)
– 264hp, but can support overboost to 280hp…with a chip it can do 300+ hp
– Revised Eagle Chassis for better road handling
– GM MPFI fuel injection vs. Bosch
– Renault Transmission vs. Citreon
– Relocation of the inboard brakes to traditional
– More aggressive body/ styling
– Better build quality

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