1990 White Lamborghini LM002 For Sale in New Jersey

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1990 Lamborghini LM002

Location: New Jersey
Odometer:  20,002 Miles
Engine:  5.2 Liter 48 valve 12 Cylinder
VIN: ZA9LU45A7LLA12250
Price: $249,500 US Dollars

These are just amazing and unique off road vehicles from Lamborghini.   This LM002 has only 20k miles.   On October 25th,  we posted a red LM002 for sale for $399,000 with half the mileage.   I saw the heavy weight champsion Mike Tyson in Los Angeles  driving a  white one many years ago.

If you had $250,000 and you had to choose a car,  would you pick this one?


Seller: World Class Automobiles
Contact:  (732) 254-2020
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