1990 Ferrari F40 US Spec Found in San Carlos

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1990 Ferrari F40 US Spec

Spotted in San Carlos, California is a 1990 Ferrari F40 US Spec for $1,495,000 USD.   This F40 is well documented and is matching numbers.   It has 7,331 original miles since new and has all service and maintenance records.   The seller has performed all 1992 model year upgrades and this is all detailed in the service files.   The last major service was done in July 2014.

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VIN:  ZFFMN34A9L0085336

Odometer: 7,331 Miles


Major Service July 2014

Major service (belts, gaskets, filters, etc.)
New battery
Bulkhead coolant hoses replaced
Fuel tank crossover hoses replaced
F / R brake hoses replaced with updated factory parts
Hill Engineering alloy cam belt tension bearings installed


Price $1,495,000 USD

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USA F40 versus the  Eu/ROW F40:

1. USA production spanned from early 1990 to late 1992 (European production started late 1987).
2. USA F40s weigh in at 2878 lbs dry. Actual USA F40s weighed by FNA with all fluids and half-a-tank of gas weighed in at 2969 lbs (European cars are stated at 2717 lbs dry).
3. USA F40s have aluminum gas tanks with twin fuel pumps mounted within the tanks (European cars have rubber fuel cells which require replacement each 7 years with externally located fuel pumps ).
4. USA F40s have twist-off gas caps (European cars have the locking items).
5. USA F40s were all supplied with the variable ride height system deleted (some European cars were thus supplied).
6. USA F40s have 2-peice seats with reclining backs and a passive restraint system (European cars have single-peice seats with 3-point seat belts).
7. USA F40s have their tow-hook attachment mounted directly into the chassis (European cars attach to the front body).
8. USA F40s have a final drive ratio of 10-29 (European cars are rated at 11-30).
9. USA F40s acheive maximum torque of 58.8 kgm/427 ft lbs at 4300 rpm (European cars acheive this same torque at 4000 rpm).
10. USA F40s are rated “at or above 500 bhp” @ 7000 rpm (European cars are rated at 478 bhp at same rpm).
11. USA F40s were the first car to utilize metallic (titanium) based catalysts to allow faster warm up and greater resilience.
12. USA F40s have a ‘secondary air injection’ for emissions that can be heard at each start up.
13. USA F40s had to pass DOT front, rear & side impact tests. These include the 2.5 mph front and rear tests. Accordingly the bodywork is strengthened.
14. USA F40s have a drag co-efficient of 0.34CX including the rear wing (European F40s are rated the same).

With respect to the gear ratios, please note the following:

First gear – 1:10.707 (USA), 1:10.069 (Euro)
Second gear – 1:6.628 (USA), 1:6.262 (Euro)
Third gear – 1:4.745 (USA), 1:4.463 (Euro)
Fourth gear – 1:3.724 (USA), 1:3.501 (Euro)
Fifth gear – 1:2.965 (USA), 1:2.787 (Euro)

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Fact:  The rear deck lid on a Euro F40  is much lighter than a US spec F40.   It takes 2 strong guys to lift up the rear deck lid from a  USA version.  The front hood is also heavier and rigid.


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