1989 Honda Civic CRX SI Lemons Champion Found in Buttonwillow

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1989 Honda Civic CRX SI Lemons Champion

Spotted in Buttonwillow, California is a 1989 Honda Civic CRX SI Lemons Champion for $2,000 USD. This is the Ex-24 Hours of Lemons multi-time overall winner. Everything you need to go racing reliably today with current 2017 belts, 2017 fuel cell, 2018 near new tires on 2018 949 Racing ultra-light wheels, 1 race on brand new brake rotors and DTC-60 Hawk pads (~90% remaining), wired for radios with new extended antenna, a blueprinted D16A6 engine and a handful of used spares. Well sorted, well balanced, forgiving at the limit and a lot of fun. ~300point car in Champ Car, so plenty of room for modifications for more speed. Better tuned than it was a year ago and some reliability gremlins fixed, so the car now runs 2:08’s at Buttonwillow as it sits (have data logs to prove it) and would be quite competitive (compare with lap times from the last Champ race @ Buttonwillow: https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Sessions/4602442). More recently at a Lemons event, the car also turned the 8th fastest lap of all 119 entries, including being 0.4sec faster than eventual winner Cerveza Racing all the while having much better fuel economy. The ergonomics easily accommodate drivers between 5’6″ 150lbs to 6’1″ 210lbs.

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Price $2,000 USD

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More info on this the Yellow Submarine CRX

From Seller:

Buyer may buy additional stuff for additional cost (all negotiable and all subject to change):
Extra wheels and tires (new/race ready to “shop use/practice only”)
Fire suppression system (currently installed, new in late 2017)
Datalogging setup (e.g. RaceLogic VBox, Harry’s Laptimer + iPhone)
Coolshirt system and drink bottles + holder
Air purification / driver cooling system
Extra fuel jugs
Crew package (chairs, hand and power tools, tent, clocks, etc.)
Driver package (suit, helmet, etc.)
…and a zillion spare parts, fluids, etc.

Also available, made available as an option to buy but sold separately: A 2016 8x24ft v-nose enclosed Haulmark ALX aluminum chassis trailer. Everything is already stored inside it. If you bought everything, you can hook it up to your truck and drive away in 5 minutes. Smooth exterior skin with finished walls, ceiling + cross vents, tie downs, dual 5200lb axles, electric brakes, near new HD tires, no corrosion, minor body dents/scrapes. Ready to go cross-country and back; axles lubed 700miles ago. No structural or performance issues — tows amazingly well. Also includes trailer cover, (4) trailer tire covers, locks, and some wooden boards to keep really low-slung Hondas from scraping the crap out of everything. Similar to this trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNDGOrID6RI except mine has a fully finished interior (sides, ceiling), spare tire, extended ramp, end to end rubber floor covering, and a bulldog improved hitch, but without the port-side door. Includes assorted locks, wheel chocks, tire covers, and trailer cover (new).

Finally, included to buyer at no charge:
– Advice: how to DOMINATE Champ Car (besides hiring Randy Pobst)
– Known updates required to run the 24 Hours of Lemons series in 2019
– Select datalogs from recent events (we didn’t save everything, but you’re welcome to use these as a benchmark for improving your own driving using free software like RaceLogic’s Circuit Tools and Google Sheets)
– Full documentation on DVD or memory card — photos, event results, maintenance schedules, setup sheets, parts purchased and installed (so you can source them again when needed), etc.
– Bill of sale — in lieu of a title (doesn’t have one), this will show the sales price detailing the safety equipment, brakes and tires as worth the entire purchase price and the rest of the car assembled “as is” for free.

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