1987 Porsche 911 Turbo Project Found in San Pedro

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1987 Porsche 911 Turbo Project


Spotted in San Pedro is a 1987 Porsche 911 Turbo Project for $28,000 USD.   This is an interesting ad for a 930 turbo coupe with only 44,000 miles on it.  The seller is the second owner and he states the title is clean but had an accident 20 years ago.  He bouhts all the parts to repair it but never got around to it.  He was the Director of Operations of a high end body shop in Los Angeles and they were able to repair the unibody.  He tell you up front this is going to be a project involving alot of hard work.  This will not be an easy fix.   The new owner will need to weld on new quarter panels and repair the driver’s door.   It is all original except for the engine which was modified by one of the countries best Porsche engineers and was in excellent running condition when removed from the car to repair the unibody 20 years ago.   The front suspension was also removed to mount the car on the jiggs to square up the unibody on a Celette Frame Bench.   The seler has thousands of dollars in new parts but you will still need to buy seats, hood, and front bumper assembly which were lost in storage.  As far as spare parts, he has carbon fiber fenders, quarters, front and rear bumpers, rocker panels, rear 935 deck lid and spoiler, front 934 air dam, among other parts.

Mechanical Modification Information: Bob Holcomb designed, tested, machined and supplied custom exhaust, twin plug ported heads with matching ringed cylinders for sealing high boost pressure, pistons machined for valve clearances, second distributor that runs off rear of left camshaft with wire harness, ported intake injector manifold blocks to match flow of ported heads, custom ground camshafts, high performance valve springs to prevent valve float at high rpm’s, titanium spring retainers, boost control valve mounted on center councel 935 style and factory 935 boost gauge mounted correctly as OEM replacing clock in dash. K27 Turbo. Andial supplied adjustable electronic fuel enrichment system, Ruff intercooler, 928S front brake calipers. The 928S calipers are substantially larger than the 930’s. The 930 fronts are now on the rear. The increased braking capability is necessary due to the increase in engine horsepower and torque.


Update: The seller says that only after 12 hours of posting the ad, the car has gone into a bidding war                

Contact: support@dirtyoldcars.com for more info 

Odometer: 44,000 miles

Price $28,000 USD

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