1987 BMW M6 Project

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Spotted for sale is a 1987 BMW M6 for $7,000

Selling my 1987 BMW M6. Approximately 124,692 miles on the car (odometer doesn’t work)

Clean title and no evidence of accidents. I do not have the title (only a photo copy as the previous owner never found the title for me …) you’ll need to get a bonded title for the car.

Needing to sell since I don’t have the time or money to put into this project like I wish I could.

Only 1677 of these were imported into the USA. The m6 came with the. S38b35 engine with itbs which produced 256hp at the time.

This m6 is for sure a project as I’ll run done the list of things that I’m aware of.

Paint is for sure faded on the hood, roof, trunk. Clear coat is peeling on the roof.

Both sides of the rear wheel arches have rust bubbles. Rear passenger side jack point is pretty rusty.
Bezel around the taillights are not in great shape.

Car will come with the style 32 17×9 squared. Tires have cracking on the sidewalk.

Car does drive and stop with no issues. Handling feels good and it doesn’t feel like a boat.

Engine has a slow acceleration which might be a ITb synchronization issue.

The tps, spark plugs, cap rotor, radiator, fan clutch were all changed.

Previous owner installed a aftermarket aluminum radiator but it’s missing a bung for the coolant sensor.

The itb boots and afm boot were upgraded to silicone. The Isv hoses and the crankcase breather hose are all brand new.

Shifter is sloppy so the bushings need to be replaced.

Valve cover gasket is leaking (I do have a new one just has no been installed.)

There’s a leaky power steering hose by the reservoir.

Ac unsure if it works but the button on the dash does seem to do something.

Blower motor is still working and blows air. Have not tested the heater but I can check before you purchase

Sunroof works with no issue. 
Driver and passenger seats move in all the directions! The only thing that doesn’t work if the passenger side head rest it’s the only thing that won’t move up and down.

Dash is cracked which is very common on these cars.

Windows all roll up and down except the driver rear window. It may be as simple as the button but I haven’t confirmed.

The rear shade is full intact but the little tabs to hold it up are broken

Headliner is in great shape. Little shrinkage by the manual sunroof access.

The driver rear overhead lights is broken but there’s a replacement in the trunk.

The driver and passenger door cards are in great shape other than the handle leather is torn.

The rear needs a bit of help as the leather by the rear window is cracked. The third brake light is not attached to the window. As you can see in the pictures the rear headrest on the parcel tray is cracked and there’s no fabric on the parcel tray.

Both the driver and passenger side front seats are still in good condition with no tears.

Speedometer and gas are the only items that work for the cluster. There’s a better condition cluster in the trunk but unsure if it works.

The trunk has the original spare tire as well as a almost completely tool kit which is really rare!

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