1987 ALFA ROMEO MILANO Race Car Found in Oregon

Spotted for sale in Oregon is a 1987 ALFA ROMEO MILANO Race Car for $8,500

2.5 V6 BUSSO, 5 speed manual transaxle at the rear. Super quick reving engine paired with some close ratio gears. Gets up and goes! This car is a blast to drive. Its the perfect poor mans ferrari.

This is a oldschool track car build done by Nasko of portland. It has quite a few modifications done to it and a bunch of stories to tell. Which all add up to make for one of the most fun cars I have ever driven. It actually makes me cry out of sheer happiness when driving it. 

Quick run down of whats done to it:
Bilstein suspension front and rear
Massive sway bars front and rear
Free flowing exhaust 
Port and polish work done by sperry cylinder heads. 
Uprated camshafts, slight chop at idle 🙂
Rebuilt injectors 
Welded in half cage (no rear seats)
New calipers front and rear
New brake lines all around
Cross drilled rotors front and rear 
Rebuilt transaxle (no grinds into 2nd)
Resealed axle shafts
New blower motor
New drive shaft flex disks aka guibos
Bomz racing seats and 4 point harness belts
GTV6 wheels with falken azenis tires
Momo steering wheel
Recaro 3.0 verde door panels

More good stuff:
All power windows work
Sun roof works
Wipers work
Radio works
Exterior Lights work
Interior lights work 
Cluster is fully functional
3 out of 4 door locks work
Power mirrors work 

The bad/ugly:
Paint color is not the greatest. Originally bronzit..
Some dents and minor rust on the passenger rear quarter panel near gas filler door. 
Headliner is saggy but no orange snow yet…

Spare parts….

2 fenders
1 hood 
3 doors complete with glass and door panels
2 grills 
2 distributors
1 intake boot
Exterior door trims
3.0 v6 instrument cluster 
Timing belt covers
Intake mani and throttle body
Headlight or two
Air box and air flow meter 
Shifter and shift linkage
Dash vents
Turn signal stalk
Caster rods
Fog lights
Combo relay
Radiator fan 
Coolant expansion tank / bottle
Oil pan 
Dash buttons and switches 
Full set of 15” wineglass wheels with like new nokian snow tires 
Spare 2.5 milano transaxle, sub frame, axles
Work shop manuals and more…

Really dont want or need to sell this. Just kinda throwing it out there to see what happens I guess..

$8500 or best offer in person.

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