1985 Testarossa Monospecchio Today

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1985 Testarossa Monospecchio

Today I had an opportunity to spend a day  with  a 1985 Ferrari Testarossa Monospecchio.   It has a completely different feel from a 1992-1994 Ferrari 512TR.    The 1985-1986 Monospecchio or Flying Mirror have subtle differences compared to the 1987 -1997 production years.

Below:  Notice the Ball Knob on the center console.  This is unique to the Monospecchio cars which only have a driver’s side mirror mounted high on the A-pillar.   Most of these cars that I have looked are missing this knob.   In later years, the knob is flat and about the size of the quarter.  The 1987 -1991 cars had 2 side mirror  in the more traditional location and could be adjusted by the same knob.


Below: This is a 1 owner 1985 Testarossa.  It is believed to be the 5th USA Market car made.   As you can see below the owner really enjoyed his car.  The owner put on an astounding 97,151 miles on it!  This car was fully appreciated and enjoyed its whole life.   It has never traded hands with other owners over the years.   This has stayed with the owner in his garage and properly maintained its entire life.

Notice the missing side mirror round knob below.



Below:  The 1985-1986 Monospecchio Cars featured ash trays in the driver and passenger doors.


Below:  This well used 1985 Flying Mirror Testarossa (Monospecchio) has a 1980s vintage radar detector popular in its day.   The passport was very effective but maybe not so much anymore.


Below:  Fresh Major Service which requires the engine to be removed from the car.   It received a rebuilt alternator, new AC Condensor, New Timing Belts , Hoses, Fluids, Gaskets and Seals.   The radiators were re-cored with new thermostats.  The Fuel Distributors were rebuilt as well.

Below:  The mirror is mounted high up on the A pillar.  These early cars built from 1985 and 1986 and were called Flying Mirror cars or Monospecchio.  For the 1985 year, only 121 USA market cars were brought into the USA.   I believe the number is much less today due to accidents and thefts.  It is my opinion that only about 70% of the 1985 examples survive today.

Below:  This car  had a cracked front fiberglass spoiler which was professionally repaired and painted in the original matte black.

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