1985 Maserati Biturbo EV conversion with a 5-speed manual transmission for $12,999

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Completely unique and completely rust free fully electric 1985 Maserati Biturbo EV conversion with a 5-speed manual transmission.

As seen on Wheeler Dealers!

Car has driven 10-15k miles since these motors and batteries were installed. This car is quicker now than it was with the twin turbo V6 and the seats are more comfortable than your home sofa. Bodywork and interior were restored a few years ago but it was not a ground-up restoration and the car is a daily driver so there are a couple of body dings. Leather seats were refreshed by oiling and conditioning, but there are a few worn spots around the interior. This car has an incredible sound system, the best I’ve heard in any car I’ve been in.

Salvage title is because the car sat for 20 years without being registered; it went through a DMV and California CHP inspection before it was re-registered at the time of the EV conversion

The Technical:

Electric drive system with modern lithium batteries, AC brushless induction motors, Curtis motor controllers, regenerative braking. Car gets 100-125 miles on a charge depending on how you drive

Motors: HPEVS Dual AC34

Controllers: Curtis 650A (x2)

Batteries: Tesla Smart Lithium Ion Battery module (x12) (2s6p) (36kWh total)

Car will come with a charge cable and a high quality car cover.

Glad to discuss this unique car if you’re interested in becoming it’s next owner.

Priced too high? Make me an offer!

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