1985 Ferrari 308 QV : Rare Color Combo

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1985 Ferrari 308 QV :  Rare Color Combo

Color:  Marrone/ Cremma

Location:  Florida

Price: $75,995 US Dollars


This car sat in storage for 20 years.  It is actually a stunning color that I thought would never appeal to me.    The price is fair considering its a QV.

Would you pick this color?

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ferrari-308-qv-1985-rare-color-2 ferrari-308-qv-1985-rare-color-3  ferrari-308-qv-1985-rare-color-5


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  • Rudy
    April 2, 2018

    I think there are quite a few red Ferrari’s out there. I love this color combo so much I purchased this car – exact car – in FL back in Mar 17. Absolutely stunning.

    • Dirty Old Cars
      April 3, 2018

      Congratulations! It looks to be a nice example. Have you found another in that color combination? How many miles have you put on it since March 2017

      • Rudy
        April 3, 2018

        Hey thanks! I take her to cars and coffee Dallas usually every month. Everyone comments on the color which has a glorious silver-copper tone in the Texas morning sun. No one has seen anything like it. Previous owner mentioned only 11 cars (308-Q.V.) imported to US with this color combo, but I have not confirmed this myself.

        Since delivery, I’ve put <600 miles on her over the past year. Had to redo some cooling lines (replace the originals) but the car has run like a top and I’ve had no problems.

        Oh, when I drive her, I watch the tach but drive this Ferrari as it was designed to be driven. The sound and feel is reminiscent of a by-gone age of fearlessness.