1985 AMG Mercedes 500SEC 6.0 Rare Roller Project

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1985 AMG Mercedes 500SEC Roller Project

Spotted for sale is this 1985 AMG Mercedes 500SEC Roller Project Missing its AMG DOHC 6.0 Liter Engine and Transmission. This poor AMG Car is missing its AMG DOHC 6.0 Liter Engine and its AMG transmission. Otherwise the rest of the car and all its AMG upgrade are still intact. It has the upgraded wood trim, Recaro Seats, Gen 1 Body Kit, AMG Exhaust, and everything else. I am curious if it still has its AMG springs and shocks as well as what Differential Ratio was used. Only in the past year have these AMG premerger cars shot up to astronomical prices at auction. This maybe only true for only the wide body 6.0 cars which this is not. Maybe someone has a 6.0 engine ready to drop into this car or perhaps create a restomod with a m119 or m120 engine. Some lucky owner of that engine out there might be interested in the opportunity to put the engine and car back together!

Euro Vin: WDB1260441A139416

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