1984 Porsche 944 Spec Race Car Found in Atlanta

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1984 Porsche 944 Spec Race Car

Spotted for Sale in Atlanta is a 1984 Porsche 944 Spec Race Car for $8,000 USD. This seems like a great start for anyone wanting to get into racing. The seller lists all the upgrades done on the car along with additional spares that come with the car. What do you think about this 944 Porsche?

Price $8,000 USD

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944Spec Race Car for Sale
– Built in 2016
– Volvo Racing Blue
– Chassis is a 1984(ish) Full weld in cage with nascar bars and footwell protection courtesy of Barber Raceworks in Greenville, SC
– 1988 motor with 88 DME – no current Dyno sheet
– Fresh rod bearings
– new ARP rod bolts
– refreshed head with new springs and guides
– New starter
– Sachs spring centered clutch
– New timing belt and balance shaft belt
– Strut tower brace
– Steel reinforced lower control arms
– Baffled oil pan and re-enforced pickup tube
– Turbo Oil Cooler (new)
– New steel braided fuel lines from the steel hard lines at the firewall to the fuel rail
– Turbo Radiator
– Light weight battery
– NRG quick release hub and wheel
– Cookie cutter wheels (2 sets)
– Bilstien Shocks
– 400# springs ( I think)
– Hawk DTC-60 pads on the front, blues on the rear
– Traqdash Unit – Used to log and monitor various aftermarket senders that were added – Oil Pressure, Water Temp, A/F
– Other Gauges – Temp gauge (used to toggle between oil temp and transaxle temp), A/F, and an Autometer programmable fuel gauge – needs to be re-calibrated probably
– All wiring from the chassis harness was stripped and re-ran with all new wires (only the essentials)
– All wiring from the engine harness was replaced and re-pinned with new connectors
– Motor/Drivetrain
– LSD with short 5th – built by Flying Horse Motorsport
– Only944.com shifter and short shifter kit
– Fire Sense 4 liter fire suppression system – nozzles in cabin for driver and in engine bay (needs to be re-certified)
– Coolshirt Cooler and Coolshirt band cooler mount (no hoses included)
– Joes racing radio mount
– Hanksville Hot Rod y-pipe and exhaust with a turndown (added a cherry bomb to try and quiet it down a bit)
– M030 Sway bars (front and rear)
– AC Delete bracket
– Throttle response cam

Lots of spares

What do you think?

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