1984 Mercedes G wagon Found for Sale

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Spotted for sale is a 1984 Mercedes G wagon for $7,500

I am the second owner. Vehicle was brought over from Austria in the summer of 1984. Truck spent most of its life on the East Coast Mainland.

I purchased the truck in 2006 and brought it to California. It has been on island now for 6 years.

The original Diesel Non-Turbo engine was swapped out for a low mileage Federal. (No EGR) Turbo Diesel engine from a 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300SD in 2008. The original Transmission was swapped out for the 300SD transmission and re built by Sun Valley Mercedes Transmissions in Van Nuys, CA. The transmission was build on the military Hagglunds track vehicle transmission.

Mercedes-Benz original front and rear lockers. Truck has accumulated rust since being on the island and although can be a daily driver is ultimately a project vehicle long-term for the body rust.

Most all parts and accessories are still available today from various retailers on the mainland and abroad.

There is a small hard brake line with a pin hole leak. Must be replaced and brakes bled. I have the new brake line. Bought a complete set as well as a new Brake Master Cylinder. Master cylinder was already replaced.

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