1984 Ferrari 512BBi (Fire Damage)

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Ferrari 512BBi fire 4

An interesting project for the diehard enthusiast. This is a 1984 512BBi with interior fire damage. This  car currently for sale at Classic Showcase, Inc in Sarasota, Florida.



Price: $139,000 obo

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This car was for sale on COPART in Palm Beach, Florida , a dealer auction site for salvaged vehicles across the U.S.   I understand it sold for $71,000 and is now being flipped in same condition.
This car has a Florida salvage title and is intended for export out of country.

Its believed that the fire occurred when the A/C was turned on.   The fire department was able to extinguish the fire and contain it to the interior and firewall.

The interior needs to be completely replaced. The seat frames are intact but the integrity maybe compromised.   I believe there are some shops with a majority of the parts needed to replace the interior if not all of it.  The engine looks presentable but there is no indication of condition. This was a very nice black 512BBi before the fire. What a shame because its such a stunning classic car. Hopefully the new owner will bring it back and we will see it on the road again one day.

Ferrari 512BBi fire 8

Ferrari 512BBi fire 2

Ferrari 512BBi fire 5

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