1983 Mercedes W126 500SEC AMG Rear Speaker Deck Restoration Project

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AMG Rear Speaker Deck Restoration Project

As part of an ongoing 1983 500SEC AMG restoration project, It is time to restore the rear interior deck. On the AMG option list back in the 1980’s you could select a multiple speaker checklist as an upgrade. This fiberglass interior decklid was completely new. No longer was the first ad kit compartment located on the rear deck. The new fiberglass rear deck included 2 8 inch subswoofers side by side towards the center of the deck and hidden by a rectangle cover. Since bass is omni-directional this worked very well. On each side of the decklid are 4 inch speaker and 2 2 inch tweeters side by side. In total , there are a total of 8 speakers on this deck. My favorite feature of this rear deck are the metal directional fins installed over the 4 inch speakers to direct sound toward the front of the cabin.

To be continued.

Above: The AMG optioned rear sound deck is about to be removed. The rear seats must be removed before you can gain access to the deck.

Above: The rear deck consists of 2 eight inch speakers under the center panel. On each side, there is 1 four inch speaker and 2 two inch tweeters. Notice the front facing directional fins located on top of the tweeters.

Above: The factory blue fabric has degraded over the years on this Euro 1983 500SEC. Currently trying to source the original material.

Above: The center rectangel panel that coverd the eight inch subwoofers has been removed. Notice the original deep blue fabric that was not exposed to the sun. The rear deck has gotten a lot of exposure to the sun.

Above: The rear deck has been removed. You can see the custom cut outs necessary to fit the 2 eight inch sub woofers.

Above: A view of the deck turned over. You can see the speaker wiring neatly installed. There is a black box located in the center. Is this a cross over?

Above: 2 eight inch sub woofers. These have seen better days. The cones have disentegrated. I dont recognize the logo or the brand of these speakers.

Above: Directional Fins removed. A close up of the speakers

Above: The tweeters look to be 2 inches in diameter. Unobtanium?

Above: 4 inch speakers

Above: The new fabric comes close but has a purple hue in certain light. Not a perfect match.

Above: The Crossover removed to get a closer look.

A closer look at the crossover
Dont know where these strange connectors go
Installing the new fabric onto the subwoofer cover
Test fitting the new correct fabric to the speaker shelf
2 inch and 5 inch speakers are being tested for fitment.
Test fitment

Its coming together!

To Be Continued….

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