1983 Ferrari 512BBi for Sale

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1983 Ferrari 512BBi for Sale

5.0 Liter Flat 12 cylinder engine/ 340 Horsepower

Bosch K-Jetronic Fuel Injection

Claimed Top Speed: 188 mph

Location: Florida

Dealer: Artie 954 -958-0000

Price $315,000 US Dollars


Beautiful Ferrari 512 BBi in white!    Its amazing some of these low production colors were not more popular.   They look great  in colors other than Ferrari red.   This is not the carbureted 512BB version but the fuel injected version known as the 512 BBi.   The “i” in the name stands for Fuel Injection.    The 512 BBi was a much more driveable car but the 512BB gave a more  visceral experience to the driver and thus more valuable today.    The Bosch K-Jetronic CIS fuel injected motor produced cleaner emissions and offered  a better balance of performance and driveability.

Over  1,926 Boxers (both BB and BBi ) were built over 8 years but none were officially imported to the USA.   Of the total production,  $1.007 were the “Injected” models.   Thank the grey market era for bringing us these amazing cars.

According to Hagerty Valuations.   It should be worth $234,000 US  Dollars

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I dont think this is accurate but just reporting my findings.


ferrari-512bbi-1983-3 ferrari-512bbi-1983-4

Seller Description:

1983 Ferrari 512BBi:

Rare Factory original White over Brand new Tan with Red Zenga Inserts
33,177 kM (20,615 miles)
all books and tools, original radio and equalizer still present.
Stunning example fully serviced.
Factory books and tools.

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