1983 Ferrari 512BBI Boxer

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1983 Ferrari 512BBI Boxer

4.9 Liter Fuel Injected Flat 12 Cylinder

Location: New York
Seller is Gullwing Motorcars

Price: $239,500

This is a 512BBI which is has Bosch K-Jetronic CIS fuel injection.  It was introduced in 1981 and the last of the BB production series.    They were built from 1981 to 1984 with a total of 1,007 models produced.    As opposed to the 512BB before it, the 512BBi changed to metric sized wheels and Michelin TRX metric tires.   It was also differented by  small white running lights in the nose  and red rear fog lamps outboard of the exhaust pipes in the rear valence.    The claimed top speed was 188 mph.


  • 365 GT4 BB  = Produced from 1973 to 1976.  Only 387 produced
  • 512BB =   Carbureted Version.  Produced from 1976 -1982.  Total  929 produced.
  • 512BBi = Fuel Injected.    Produced from 1981-1984.  Total 1,007 produced.
Haggerty Valuation is $234,000 Avg Value
Fun Fact:  No BB model was ever originally sold in North America.  Enzo did not believe it was worth the cost of complying with the extra enviornmental and safety regulations.    There were third party conversions that did come to the USA as grey market cars.










Seller Description:

This 1983 Ferrari 512BBI Boxer is an extremely desirable and exciting find. Red with tan interior and 17k miles. It’s a very original example that could use minor cosmetics but is still very presentable as-is. It runs and drives but is ready for servicing at this point. It also comes accompanied by its factory tool roll and jack.
This increasingly collectible Ferrari is a very smart buy and an absolute bargain for only

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