1982 Custom built Peterbilt truck

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Spotted for sale is a 1982 Custom built Peterbilt truck for $65,000

1982 Custom built Peterbilt truck, the only one in the world, was in a movie,

go to The Highwayman movie and watch the same truck in it minute 2.17.

Cost $500K to build in 1982. steel clean body, needs paint and tls, 700 hp new Detroit diesel engine with only 5000 miles, starts and drives great

automatic, collector truck, can make over $100K year on production/movie rentals. had many sponsors, never did the project to repaint it.

Roadworthy and registered, lost the registration but can get duplicate, has a 1982 Peterbilt pink slip, great project truck, can be made into a custom mobile home or RV

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