1981 Lamborghini Countach LP400S (Series 2 Low Body)

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1981 Lamborghini Countach LP400S Series 2 Low Body

Rare Model:  1 of 105 Series 2 Countach cars produced.

Price $625,000

For Sale by Dealer:  CatsExotics   www.CatsExotics.com

Silver / Black Interior

Chassis No. 1121252

12 Cylinder/ Manual Transmission

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This is a reputable dealership in the Seattle, Washington area.   They have a great inventory of classic cars.   This is 1 of 105 series 2 Countach cars produced and priced accordingly.


From Dealer Ad:

– 1981 Lamborghini Countach LP400S Series 2 Low Body.

– Finished in OEM Silver over Black interior.

– Showing 21,510 miles (34,617 Kilometers).

– One of the most legendary cars in existence.

– The ‘Low Body’ Countach is known for its lowered suspension/ride height and concave wheels.

– EXTREMELY RARE 1 of ONLY 105 Series 2 Countachs produced worldwide.

– Recipient of a no expense spared extensive multiyear cosmetic and mechanical restoration, completed less than 200 miles ago.

– Work completed by the well known expert George Evans Automotive.

– Over $258,000.00 in restoration receipts.

– New correct tires.

– Ansi Sport Exhaust

– Personally signed by the legendary Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni.

– Matching numbers engine/manual transmission.

– OEM Alpine Stereo functioning correctly.

– A/C upgraded and blows ice cold.

– Original owner’s manual

– Spare tire/wheel OEM tool set.



The LP400S and LP400S2 (like this one) came out of the factory with  specific suspension which gave the car a very low stance.   Every later Countach iteration (starting with the LP400S3) had a different setup with a higher ride height.   Therefore, the Countach 400S and Countach 400S2 are referred to as “low body” cars.   Later cars are referred to as  “high body” cars.

This particular  car left the factory without a wing.



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