1981 Ferrari 512BB

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Ferrari 512BB 1981 1

1981 512BB: The last and most desirable year for the carburetor  boxers

  • Only 929 models produced
  • Silver with red interior (original colors)
  • Never been federalized
  • red leather worn in awith nice patina
  • runs and drives but due for servicing
  • asking price $239,500

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This is a pre-injection model like the 512BBi.    This would be a great candidate for a light restoration.  I love the originality of the car as well as the color scheme.

Ferrari 512BB 1981 2


Ferrari 512BB 1981 3

Interior looks as described.   I would recondition the interior and leave it as is.

Ferrari 512BB 1981 4

Engine will need a full service but that is to be expected.


Update : according to the dealer, this car is already sold 9.6.16


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