1979 Porsche 911 The Pink Pig

Spotted for sale is a 1979 Porsche 911 The Pink Pig for $$56,500

This spectacular track car is a tribute build to the one and only “Pink Pig”. This is a purpose built, no frills go fast sport car that is currently NOT legal for highway use. The power to weight ratio makes for astonishing accelleration and yes, it will wake up the neighbors with that unencumbered 3.6 liter flat six. Full cage, Momo race seats, removable steering wheel, fire suppression, race built suspension, big brakes, fuel cell, etc. A turn-key winner on race day with a famous livery.

History of The Pink Pig:
The Porsche 917/20 takes a special place among the various 917 versions. It remains a unique one-off. Porsche engineers together with the French company SERA undertook the attempt to combine the advantages of the short and long tail 917. Its body was extremely wide and it had extremely rounded wheel cut-outs. As the track width remained unchanged, the wheels were hidden deeply in the wheel housings. The nose was equally low and flat like that of the new long-tail coupé, but shorter.
But the best part was the fanciful paintwork which let the 917/20 go down in Porsche history as the “Pink Pig”, “Big Berta” or even “Truffle Hunter”. Porsche designer Anatole Lapine decided in favour of the pink body colour and labelled each of the body parts according to the butcher-style cuts. Porsche caused a sensation at Le Mans 1971 with the Pink Pig. It was the fastest car during the pre-race qualification session, although it was totally untested. But during the main race, the 917/20 running in fifth position dropped out shortly before the end due to an accident.

Build specs:
-1997 3.6 liter motor with Patrick Motorsports conversion ($26,300)

-RSR front Oil cooler

-Lightweight flywheel/RSR clutch and Carbon/Kevlar disc

  • Rebuilt transmission/Clutch with Weltmeister shift kit and all new bushings ($6,267)

-Elephant Coil Over Racing conversion with Von shocks ($5,200)

-CCW wheels with new tires ($5,400)

-930 Turbo big brake kit ($2,632)

-ATL fuel cell and Oil tank ($3,150)

-Full cage ($5,000)

-Fire Suppression system ($2,250)

-Momo Racing seats ($2,000)

Recent service including:

oil and filter change
spark plugs
distributor caps
fuel filters

new tires

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