1978 Mercedes 608D Polish Fire Truck Found in Maine

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1978 Mercedes 608D Polish Fire Truck

Spotted in Freeport, Maine is a 1979 Mercedes 608D Polish Fire Truck for $19,500 USD. This 608 started life in Poland and purchased from a Polish Fire House in 2018 and imported into the USA. It has 18,000 original miles on it. All fire pump equipment in rear of cab has been removed and its an open shell to be used as is or to be up fitted for a more permanent camper status, etc. The rear side and back doors roll up for convenience and/ or open air camping. Has an OM 314 diesel motor – know to run 500K miles without issue. These vehicles are super popular for overlanders as they are very reliable and rarely break down over long distances. All lights, gauges, etc in working order. A small bit of surface rust in some spots, but overall in very solid condition. Under carriage is rust free. Great fun to run with rear doors open and a very cool vehicle for weekends with the family or promotional for business. Good hauler as well for dirt bike, mountain bike, etc. Super fun to drive and always a conversation starter. Rare to find in USA and getting harder to find in Europe.

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Price $19,500 USD


VIN: 31031210390712

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