1978 Ferrari 512 BB in Silver

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Spotted for sale is a 1978 Ferrari 512 BB in Silver for $350,000

The ‘70s were Italian.

In 1971, alongside a revised Daytona variant, Ferrari released their answer to Lamborghini’s newly designed Countach and arguable ‘60s champion, the Muira. The 365/4 Berlinetta Boxer, “Berlinetta” meaning, little-saloon and “Boxer”, nodding to the punching like motion of the pistons within the 4.5L flat twelve-cylinder motor, ingenuously mounted in front of the rear axle, made for one of the most powerful mid-engine sports cars of its time.

Fast forward a few years—full of heated debates of greatness—it was in at the tail end of 1976 that the little-saloon, twelve-cylinder battle between Enzo and Ferruccio would continue. Enter, the 365/4’s successor, the 512BB. With a larger displacement of 5.0L, the 512BB featured dry-sump lubrication and wider set of rear tires. And, it was with this facelift, that next twelve years worth of Ferrari’s design language was solidified. Remnants of the 365/4 and 512 would remain boldly evident in models such as the 288 GTO and 308/328 variants alike.

Photographed here, our 1978 Ferrari 512 BB was sold new, by way of Italian delivery, to a Jacksonville, FL resident. After picking up his Countach rival, the potential one-of-one spec’d car was used for a few weeks through some Italian twisty roads and then sent directly to famed, Koenig-Specials, where it was fitted with a fiberglass body-kit and sprayed in Rosso Corsa, while the interior was left untouched.

About four years ago, the car was purchased directly from the original owner and a no expense spared restoration began. Accompanied by its original books & tools, this spectacular, near one-owner example, has gone only 41k kilometers (25,400 miles) and was restored to its factory/original specification of Argento (silver-metallic) over a Rosso (red) leather interior.

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