1978 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce: Niki Lauda Edition

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1978 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce: Niki Lauda Edition

Location: Florida
VIN: R115440003734
Manual Transmission
4 Cylinder

Odometer:  90,000 Miles

Price: $6995 US Dollars

Im not sure how collectible these are but I was surprised to see a Niki Lauda Edition Alfa Romeo.    There were only 350 Spiders made to commemorate the arrival of 2 time Formula One Champion NIki Lauda of the Alfa Romeo Racing Team.    The Factory made sure the customer was aware this was the Niki Lauda edition.  There is badging all over the place.    This particular car is #165.

Seller states this is a rust free car with 4 owners.  It originally came from northern California.   Not a perfect car but presents well.   The convertible top looks to be in excellent condition.   The number 76 on the front hood was meant to cover some damage due to a clumsy mechanic.    Seller put in a new clutch.   It looks like a lot fun for the money.

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Note:  There is another one for sale with only 19,000 miles #69 , but the seller wants $22,500 US Dollars.   Click Here for Comparison


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