1977 Portland Esprit Series 1

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Spotted for sale is a 1977 Esprit Series 1 for $27,500

Howdy all, it is with much regret I am listing this 1977 Lotus Esprit Series 1 for sale. My time is precious to me, and I feel like a serious buyer is going to want to speak to me on the phone, not message back and forth. If you can not talk on the phone, I apologize, but I can not deal with you.

I LOVE this car. I have about 15 other classics here right now, and need to make some room this winter , so a couple of these will be up for sale (Citroen , Ferrari Mondial, Jaguar XKE) – Mainly the cleanest , nicest cars I have.

About this Lotus specifically : It has very low miles (47,000) , and starts/ runs/ stops perfectly as it should. There were only ~ 710 Lotus Esprit Series 1 cars ever built, so I wanted one that was very original. This car is very original ! I struggled with the idea of having it painted so it looks as good as it drives, but I believe a car is only original once …. and repainting it would not necessarily do it a positive service.

In the last few years, this car was disassembled and rebuilt using all new suspension bushings, brake parts, engien was resealed, it got a new clutch, and much much more. Interior is still its AWESOME original Tartan cloth / green cloth interior. Getting a bit faded, but original to the car in 1977.

Body is original , engine / 5 speed transmission are original . Fuel system was removed , cleaned and replaced.

Starts easily and runs GREAT. No catalytic converter. New exhaust.

Car is fast , but the build quality of early Lotus cars is not like a new car… it is a bit rattly, leaks into the car when raining outside a bit, no air conditioning ever installed on these early cars, it is a PRIMITIVE car , much like a go-cart for grown-ups.

I know I will not find another Series 1 Esprit like this again , and I am mainly selling it first as I do not fit in it easily, and the pedals are so close together it is difficult for me to drive unless I take my shoes off first. I also have two small children , so can never take them anywhere in it.

It is beautiful to look at (I think) and is dramatically LOW and WIDE. Corners better than you imagine it would. Accelerates well and makes good noises.

I have a lot of extra parts to go with the car … it does not need them, but I have them! I have a pair of De’llorto carburetors for this with accompanying manifolds/ linkages (makes 20 more HP with this european setup) but have not cleaned/ installed them because it runs so great right now , as-is.

Tires are like new.

Glass all good, and everything works : windows, heater, radio, etc.

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