1977 Porsche 924 GAMBLE

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Spotted for sale is a 1977 Porsche 924 GAMBLER for $1,500

Welp. It’s time to sell the ol’ Porsche. She’s been an absolute blast, but it’s time for a new Gambler. We’ve done one OG Gambler with it, driven a bunch on the street. For those who know about the Gambler 500, you’ll get it, for those who don’t, you’re on your own (and a very adamant BUYER BEWARE). Here’s some common questions with answers:

1. Does it run? Why yes, it absolutely does, and very well I might add. 
2. Does it have a key? Yep, but not for the ignition. 
3. Is it street legal? You’ll have to be the judge of that. 
4. Is it the most fun vehicle with more character than anything you’ll drive? 1000% YES. 
5. Does it have a lift and skidplates and it is an animal offroad? Yes, to all, but it’s a custom lift and yes those are 32″ tires. I’d seriously put this thing up against a Wrangler any day of the week, it has INSANE ground clearance.
6. Does it get the attention of everyone around you on the road? Absolutely. 
7. Looks like a unique wiring job? It sure is! This comes with a custom wiring job with several parts from an old Nascar Craftsman truck. 

So, I’ve done too many things to mention in this ad to get this thing ready for the gambler, here’s what it needs today: A brake bleed, and a wiper motor, that’s about it. It has a top with it, keeps water out about as good as a blanket.

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