1977 Porsche 911 3.4 Twin Plugged Turbo Targa

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1977 Porsche 911 3.4 Twin Plugged Turbo Targa for $79,999

Year: 1977
Model:911 Turbo

Drive Train:RWD
Engine:Flat 6 Cylinder Turbo Air Cooled

The engine was built by Forry Hargitt 20k ago He had his own shop for probably 30 years and now is in the executive world with Tire Discounters. He’s a German guy and comes off a bit rude but he is a good guy.

Mahle 3.4 ltr p/c from Andial Racing The heads were already twin plugged He flame ringed the heads. Installed custom cams Modified the fuel dist Installed a K 27-7200 turbo Adjustable Tial waste gate Stainless exhaust with stainless Monty duel out muffler Installed reinforcements on the shock towers Powerhause injector blocks 928 S 4 brakes and rotors Bilstein RSR coilovers New fuel pumps Adjusted the valves Plus more, all around 5k miles ago Brake pads about 20 miles agoDialed all the suspension in to include corner ballenced and everything else that is appropriate R930 turbo trailing arms and a lot of the performance suspension parts

The transmission was completely rebuilt by Brian Copnas BMC&G Brian has several LeMans wins while being the head trans guy for the Porsche Factory Team His work was done 5k miles ago and at that time Tim at Eurato R&R ed the motor and trans and installed the new performance clutch. new oil, fuel and air filter along with an oil change around 300 miles ago.

Vehicle Options

Nashville Speed Shop
Adam Rottero
5209 Pennsylvania Ave.

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