1976 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 euro for sale in Pennsylvania for $59,900

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Spotted for sale is a 1976 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 euro for sale in Pennsylvania for $59,900

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This is a meticulously maintained 1976 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 (not a GTV-6!) with rare factory AC having over $75k invested in mechanical servicing and body restoration. Spec wise, this car is exactly the same as a 1974 USA spec GTV 2000 with SPICA “Inzeione” fuel injection for US market emissions requirements. It has 64,360 km (39,904 miles) showing on the odometer, but true mileage is unknown (TMU). Note that although 1975 was the last year of importation for US spec 1974 GTV 2000s to the States, Alfa continued production of GTV 2000s for delivery throughout the European market up through the 1978 model year.

This particular vehicle was a European GTV built to order for a US serviceman stationed in Germany in 1976. It has the original euro KMH spec Jeager speedometer and odometers, and rear battery storage in the trunk to accommodate the AC compressor in the engine compartment. The original SPICA fuel injection which was installed on the car as an option when new was subsequently modified to remove the SPICA air box and replace it with four (4) GTA style ramcross air intake trumpettes (one per cylinder), resulting in a beautiful air intake sound in between acceleration and idle. The Inzeione designation on the rear trunk indicates it was originally equipped with SPICA mechanical fuel injection and designated for the US market to meet US emissions standards.

The car was brought to the USA in the late 1990s and has been maintained by the same service shop (Alfa specialist Milano Motors of Kensington, MD) for the past 22+ years. The current owner purchased the car from the original US owners (who are believed to be the second owners), who owned it from 1998 to 2015, and the current owner has owned it since 2015. The car has over $33k in service receipts from Alfa specialists Milano Motors, documenting the car’s mechanical work history since 1998. In addition, the car underwent a $35k+ (labor and parts) glass, interior and carpet out restoration in 2019 (the engine and transmission were not removed), which resulted in repairs of very minor body rust and dings, and a complete repainting of the Rosso Red exterior outside and in. Further, new 14” GTA rims, Yokohoma AS/2 185/70 14 tires (with 2019 date codes), a new dual headliner, door cards, door handles, B pillar badges, B pillar striker mechanisms, front and rear window seals, quarter window seals, trunk seal and door handle seals were installed. Recon and rewiring was done on all interior lights and switches, and all exterior headlight, taillight and marker lights work, in addition to all interior lighting, wipers, fans, defrost, etc. Also, the entire front steering mechanism (L&R inner and outer tie rods, control arms, bushings, pillars), along with front brake lines, calipers and pads were replaced in 2020, along with the rear canvas suspension straps. New exhaust manifolds and all front and rear exhaust pipes were also replaced. The car currently has a stock single tip exhaust but owner also has the prior dual tip ANSA exhaust which can be installed by the purchaser. The owner has receipts for this complete body of work and the $7,500+ in parts involved in the body restoration and rebuild of the front steering, brakes, rear suspension, fuel system, etc. Additional work includes replacement of the original interior seat mounts which were replaced with custom made aluminum mounts for added security and safety, and reconditioning of the front and rear bumpers and bumperettes. The owner has photo documentation (before and after) of all restoration and paint work, along with the PPG paint codes.

Previous mechanical work in 2018 included replacement of the clutch and clutch master, radiator core, oil/vapor separator and associated hoses. The current owner has driven the GTV approximately 2,700 miles during the five years of ownership.

Dozens of additional photos, walk-around and driving videos and more info can be found at the following link:


This is a very well documented, well sorted, and meticulously maintained late model GTV which can be enjoyed as a frequent driver, with over 22 years of repair receipts and service documentation. Every major mechanical system (clutch, gears, radiator, fuel system, alternator, wiring, brakes, exhaust, etc.) has been replaced and all are well maintained and in good working condition. In addition a complete engine rebuild was completed approximately 10,000 miles ago. The factory AC was recently tested and holds pressure. It will require a recharge of R12 refrigerant.

This GTV 2000 runs strong, is entirely mechanically sorted, and is a very reliable driver. It has a clean Pennsylvania title in the seller’s name which is in hand and ready to go

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