1975 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT Race Car

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Spotted for sale is a 1975 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT Race Car for $7,000

Update: A number of individuals have asked me if the windshield and side glass have been removed. All glass is in-place and installed. The windshield was replaced with a new one as the original had a crack that became a safety concern. The photo with the Alfa parked outside (dust and all) was taken recently and shows the glass installed.

I will be moving out of my workshop and will be selling our 1975 Alfetta GT race car (potential street car) that we have owned for many years. I use the term “we” as this Alfa was purchased as a father and son project about 15+ years ago. Although the car ran at a number of SCCA events (I still have the log book and many inspection stickers) prior to our purchase, I wanted to ‘spruce it up’ while teaching my son about the mechanics (how things work), maintenance (what to look for and why it’s important), driving (learn car dynamics) and the feeling of pride (knowing that he participated in building something that he owned). Well, the project started out strong but then the project slowly stalled although it reached about 85%-90% completion. Unfortunately, time past and my son’s interest changed as he grew older.

Here is a list of newly installed parts:

Engine – All new engine gaskets, all seals, water pump, K&N air filters, motor mounts, thermostat, all belts, racing alternator, spark plugs, solid core ignition wires, ignition coil, battery cable (battery relocated to trunk area), all coolant hoses, rebuilt radiator, fuel filters in engine bay, under car and in-tank, new fuel pump, Shankle sure start, Spica pump seals and gaskets, Spica belt and accelerator cable.

Transmission/Clutch – New clutch, clutch bearing, seals, transmission mounts, main clutch and slave cylinders, flexible stainless clutch line, inspection of all gears and carriers (all found to be excellent and within factory specs).

Driveshaft – Early Alfetta driveshaft with new donuts and center bearing (in car but needs to be bolted)

Suspension – New upper/lower A-arm bushings, tie rods, caster (converted to solid ball joint), sway bar mounts (front/back), sway bars (front/back – all Shankle), new de-dedion bushing and rear springs

Brakes – New rotors (I think slotted all around), brake pads, stainless brake lines, brake booster and brake master cylinder

Wheels/Tires – New Falken tires with refurbished factory Campagnolo rims (very light).

Lights/Electricals – New headlights, wiring, ignition switch/w key

I’m sure I’m forgetting other items that have been bought and installed on the Alfetta. Unfortunately, the car is about 4 hours away from where we currently live so that’s all the parts I can remember from memory.

This would be a fantastic father and son project to complete as most of the ‘heavy’ work has been done and the few items remaining are fairly straight forward.
This Alfetta may not be the fastest car, but it certainly can be the most reliable, easy to drive and maintain since just about all wearable parts have been replaced with new parts. In addition, from what I see, the Alfetta GT has been appreciating in value.

The Alfetta is located in Santa Clara, CA and I’ll be visiting the workshop over the next several weeks as I take inventory and photos in prep for selling other Alfa parts and cars. I’m not a dealer, just a private person who caught the Alfa virus 30+ years ago and have been playing ever since. I now live near Tahoe, and have decided that paying the crazy high rents in the SF Bay Area for a hobby workshop no longer makes sense. I hope to find a buyer that will appreciate this unique Alfa. I’m looking for a quick sale and want to avoid ‘tire kickers’.

In order to ‘sweeten the deal’ and try to sell the car in the coming weeks, I’ve agreed to include a good stock 2.0 L engine that I was planning for a future project as well as lower the price to $7k from $10k. All the original parts and more will be included as part of the deal…including a good set of euro stainless bumpers. The brand new Sparco seats in the photos are not included but can be purchased separately. It pains me somewhat knowing the money and labor that was spent on this car.

The bottom of the doors, floor pan, sills and front shock towers do not have any rust. All these areas are solid, rust-free and original. There was some rust on the lower rear hatch corners but I will include a rust-free hatch. We decided to purchase this particular Alfetta because it was a solid platform compared to many others that my son and I looked at and found to have rust issues. All electricals work as they should even though I cleaned the wiring, especially in the engine bay.

One of the photos shows the Alfetta on a hoist. That was about 15+ years ago when we first received the car from the previous owner who had actively campaigned it in a number of SCCA events in NorCal. The brownish color seen in the door jam in one of the photos is old dried glue…not rust. Although we were going to repaint the Alfa, my son and I found the “patina” to grow on us and decided to leave it ‘as is’ w/ minor touch-ups while focusing on other areas, namely, safety items and the mechanicals.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

Selling for $7000 with Bill of Sale

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