1974 Jaguar XJ12C Coupe

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1974 Jaguar XJ12C Coupe
Super Rare Coupe

Location: Alburqueque, New Mexico

Price: 172,500 United Arab Emirates Dirham or $46,964.98 US Dollars

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The seller has placed this ad in United Arab Emirates looking for a buy for this 1974 Jaguar XJ12C  (Coupe).    He is even willing to include shipping UAE in the price.    There were 1873 V12 Coupes made worldside and of those less than 1200 came to North America.    This car has had a no excuses nut and bolt restoration.   I have never seen a 2 door model but this is an interesting car.  I love the green interior.  Very Elegant.   Its an very cool car and the body design is timeless.      I would like to see an engine pic!

Update 12/3/16:  Engine Pictures added from seller



jaguar-v12-2-door-coupe-2 jaguar-v12-2-door-coupe-3 jaguar-v12-2-door-coupe-4

Added from the seller: Engine Pictures

jaguar-v12-2-door-coupe-15 jaguar-v12-2-door-coupe-14 jaguar-v12-2-door-coupe-13 jaguar-v12-2-door-coupe-12 jaguar-v12-2-door-coupe-11 jaguar-v12-2-door-coupe-10 jaguar-v12-2-door-coupe-9


Seller Description:

If you are a Jag person you know how Rare these 2-Door Coupes are ! There were only 1873 V12 coupes Ever made, WORLD WIDE !
Less than 1,200 made it to North America by 1975. And less than 1/3rd of all coupes are the Carbureted, Short Stroke, V-12 XKE Engine !!! Many of these cars have had the Jaguar engines removed, something else installed and lost ALL the collector value !!!!!

This is a “ZERO ZERO ZERO RUST CAR” !!!!


These cars are like Hens teeth to find !! There day will come !
Do a search, see how many Sedan Body style 2 Door Coupes you can find, then see how many have been restored to New !! EVERY NUT EVERY BOLT EVERY WIRE EVERY PECE OF RUBBER !!!!
Much less…… One that has been Restored from the Ground Up !!!!

In the Jaguar classics world, everyone and his Brother own an XKE but how often do you hear of an XJ12Coupe ?

Think about this, maybe 100-200 of these coupes are still around world wide !
There might be 5 or 10 black ones restored to near this ones condition, my bet is less!
Plus it would cost $30k to 50k to restore a car to this Coupes condition after you paid
$10 to 20k for one you could start a restoration on.

Five o Five, four five o, forty four o one to reach me.
Look at the Photos !!!
The car is located in the high dry desert of the SW, Albuquerque,NM
The Under Side……. “it’s all as Clean as the Inside & above !!!!!!!!!j
This car has the rare Crome front and rear bumpers, that’s rare !
Unlike mustang, corvette, Cadillac, mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ford f40 pantera, dodge, Chrysler, BMW, hot rod 4×4 or audi. These jag coupes are very rare!
You can make me a cash offer,

Or I can finance !
Maybe make an interesting Trade.
This car is a “NEW” 1975 XJ-12C !!!!
do NOT contact me with unsolicited services

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