1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS / Original Paint / Original Owner

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1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

Original Owner!

Vin: 07830

Odometer: 35,000 Original Miles

Original Paint

Location: Medina, Ohio

Price: Asking $325,000 OBO

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Wow a rare find!  1974 Ferrari Dino 246GTS in Ohio.   Original owner car.  You really dont see many all original owner cars that often.   If what the seller says in true , then this maybe a bargain at 325k.    From the pictures,  it looks to be a good unrestored car.   It has good patina and looks like an honest car.   Owner states the 35,403 miles are genuine.   So many  Dinos have been restored to such a high level due to the rising values but few can be said to be as delivered to the showroom.    I dont dislike total nut and bolt restorations but its a thrill to get into an all original car and drive it.  Buyers should buy a ticket to Ohio and inspect the car in person.

Its seems the engine lid is missing from the pictures.   The mouse hair dash looks worn the way I would expect from an original dash board.  The window latches for the small door windows are missing.   They commonly fall off due to inferior glue.   All are minor easy fixes and can probably be sourced relatively easily.

I know some dealers that have offered $300,000 to  and owner has refused.    This could be a great car for the preservation class at Pebble Beach next year.  Any  Collectors looking for this car right now?    Your thoughts!

dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-9 dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-11

dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-3 dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-4

original interior dino 246GTS

dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-6 dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-10



dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-15 dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-16 dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-17 dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-20 dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-21 dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-24 dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-25 dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-26 dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-27 dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-30 dino-246-gt-orignal-paint-silver-ohio-31

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