1974 Abarth 1000 TC Tribute for $22,500

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Spotted on Staten Island is a 1974 Abarth 1000 TC Tribute for $22,500

You have chance to buy this rare Abarth T.C. Turing Corsa This Car is worth $50k please do you own resource all the Tribute Abarth T.C. Price range are $40 up to $60k! This one is possible one of the best built around the World dont miss!!! It was shipping from Italy around 12 years ago…. Beautiful and very rare early tribute with the body fenders flares built use all metal no fiberglass kit, the rear side window are race formula plexiglass, the body paint show nice except some minor paint cracks. The interior is like new after12 years also car has the correct big instrument panel not a kit with the small gauges. The engine is high performance 112 Abarth 1000 start as you turn the key and runs smooth no oil leaks no any smoke, I was told in Italy that this engine is very rare is what the were use for the Turing during the 70 very fast Abarth it was rebuilt in Italy just before shipping it only has around 4k miles since 2008 drive summer only always garaged kept you can drive this car everywhere unlimited miles. The transmission also was rebuilt shift perfect! The radiator cooling and the oil cooling they are on front the car. I never race but is a perfect car for race also perfect car for sharp corner at high speed, great suspension it has stabilizer bars plus front disco, brakes are new the car stops on dime. Tires are new 185/60/13 with 2 piece Vintage Gotti race wheels from the 70 the not around anymore they are beautiful and they are big money if you find them, however sombody it has 4 in Germany ask $5k Euro. Car is insured with Hagerty appraised $50k! THIS CAR COST ME $38K 12 YEARS AGO BUT I NEED TO LET GO PLEASE DONT LOSE THIS DEAL!

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