1973 Campagnolo Porsche 911 RSR Magnesium Racing Wheels

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Campagnolo 1973 Porsche 911 RSR Magnesium Racing Wheels
OEM Ultra Rare Originals

Location: Long Beach, Ca
Price: Starting Bid $25,000 US Dollars (Ebay)
  • Campagnolo Magnesium Racing Wheels
  • Factory Period OEM and NOT Current Reproductions
  • Front Pair Magnesium Wheel Size: 9 X 15
  • Rear Pair Magnesium Wheel Size: 11 X 15
  • Restored by Harvey Weidman 
  • Epoxy Coated Wheel Barrels by Gary Arentz to further protect the Magnesium when tires are installed (compressed air, a source of corrosion for Mag).
  • All four Mag wheels were crack checked, verified true and straight
The original cast magnesium wheels were made beginning in the 1930s and their production continues today. Some of the biggest brands producing magnesium wheels in the past include Halibrand, American Racing, Campagnolo, Cromodora, Ronal, Technomagnesio, and Watanabe. The popularity of magnesium wheels peaked in 1950 -1960. Magnesium wheels from the middle of 19th century are now considered classic and are highly sought by some classic car enthusiasts. However, those magnesium wheels proved to be impractical because they were prone to corrosion and they were mostly used in racing sports. After 1960’s magnesium wheels were gradually replaced by aluminium alloy wheels on the mass market, but not from the competition wheels market. Many manufacturers of magnesium wheels are still operating. A lot of companies continued production after 1960’s although in lower quantities. Modern scientific and engineering developments led to significant improvements in magnesium wheels qualities, including high-tech anti-corrosion treatment that extends the lifecycle of a wheel to match or even exceed the lifecycle of comparable aluminium alloy wheel.
Most of us have only seen OEM Campagnolo Magnesium Wheels installed in a 1973 Porsche 911 RSR in period photos as published in several Porsche racing books. These factory original wheels are as rare as you can get. Ask Harvey Weidman how many of these Campy Mag Wheels in the 11×15 size for a 911 RSR he’s restored in the last 40 years. I know what he’ll say—these!


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