1972 US Army Experimental Jeep XM-408A2 found in Texas for $600

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Spotted for sale is a 1972 US Army Experimental Jeep XM-408A2 found in Texas for $600

1972 Ford XM-408A2

1972 US Army experimental 6 x 6 jeep based on the M-151A2 frame and unibody design. The history on this vehicle is notable: Army gave it to NASA at Cape Canaveral to evaluate use to provide beach security in sand. The vehicle was discovered on a retired NASA engineer’s farm in East Texas who has since passed away. It was half buried in dirt and mud and was retrieved and stripped of usable parts. To restore, needs extensive corrosion and metal frame / body replacement welding. I was going to attempt this project but getting too old now to tackle such a project but will support. I do have all refurbished parts and components as needed for an additional wholesale cost. Engine, transmission, generator, power train, etc. No military surplus paperwork was generated. NASA archives from the 70s do mention and contain photos of this vehicle and understand experimental program was a failure for the purpose intended

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