1971 Porsche 911T For Sale in Roswell

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1971 Porsche 911T For Sale in Roswell
Location: New Mexico
VIN  9111121575
Motor# 6116190
Odometer 72,838

1971 Porsche 911T found in Roswell, New Mexico.    Its a rare Karmann Body car with only 1000 produced.   The seller says he has owned this car since 1972.   It looks like a good solid car.  It retains its original motor and 5 speed transmission.   It has fresh pain in a dark silver but the original color was burgundy red (code 2424).    Seller states the car has been given new trim, seals, tires, master cylinder , brake pads, and window seals.   It also has a new carb kit, rebuilt fuel bump , new gas tank, and new brake lines.    He also has the original front and rear bumpers to the car.    Also the car came from the factory with S trim.

I would still like to see interior and engine bay pictures. but this car seems fairly priced.

What are your thoughts?


Price $52,000
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Contact: Tom (575) 317-1136


Rumor:  It is believed that the Karmann was consistently better in quality than Porsche Werk I and much less re-work because Karmann was always trying to impress Porsche and probably to preserve their contract.
Rumor:  Some say the Karmann coupe is a couple pounds lighter because they used lighter steel. Other than that they are the exact same and were made using the same exact machinery and training process.


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