1971 FJ55 Landcruiser with Dodge Cummins Diesel drivetrain

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Spotted for sale is a 1971 FJ55 Landcruiser with Dodge Cummins 4×4 Diesel drivetrain for $100,000

For Sale: – An insanely unique global vehicle, not AT ALL like anything you’ve EVER seen before…

A 1971 Toyota FJ55 Landcruiser (frame, body, glass, and springs ONLY) sitting atop a complete, full sized
1990 4WD “Dodge-Cummins 12 valve” turbo-diesel 4×4 ‘pickup’

i.e. Dodge Ram 3500 American-made pickup truck, 4WD, 5-speed manual, with an industrial-grade 5.9 liter, 12-valve Cummins 6BT turbo-diesel motor.

A blend of two legendary vehicles. The exceedingly rare FJ “55”, (much rarer than an FJ40) and an overbuilt, overengineered 12-valve / 6BT Cummins diesel – with oversized Dana axles.

There is nothing else in the world even close to this. And it’s show-car worthy. It’s currently in California, and can be shipped / driven anywhere in the world. Email me at if you are seriously interested at:

CumminsFJ55ForSale at g*mail .com (please remove the asterisk *).

Motor: (1990 / Gen 1) Legendary / Industrial Grade: 12 valve Cummins turbo diesel 6BT (5.9 liter, inline 6).

Transmission/Axles: Manual “Getreg 360” 5 speed manual transmission with Dana 60/70 axles.

Over six years of construction. This is probably the most rugged, attention to detail, Landcruiser in existence. In this sense (rugged multiplied by attention to detail/build quality) – this is probably the ‘best’ FJ55 in the world. OR, you can buy a new 2023 Landcruiswer for $130k, and be just like everyone else.

This vehicle can take you around the world or across town. It could also do well in a legitimate car show – or all three.

You can buy it right now: It’s currently 99% done OR
You can buy it 100% completed (finished however you specify).

I’ve only posted two photos. However, I’ve also posted a more detailed 6 minute 55 second (6:55) video of this vehicle on YouTube. Go there, and then search for FJ55 For Sale. The video will be on the first page. Be SURE to turn on CC (Closed Captioning) for additional ‘sub-captioned’ details about the vehicle.

After watching the video, if you are interested in discussing a possible offer, then please send an email to me, at:

CumminsFJ55ForSale at g*mail .com (please remove the asterisk *).

And I’ll be sure to respond.

Beyond the video, you can find a bit more about the vehicle in the written description below.
Thank you for your interest!

More INFO:
The motor/drive train is from a 1990 Dodge Ram 3500 (non-“dually”), 1 ton 4WD diesel pickup.
Motor: 1990 5.9 liter, 12-valve (NOT 24 valve) Cummins 6BT turbocharged diesel. Reasonably estimate of 120,000 to 150,000 miles but cannot verify precisely. Injection pump was recently completely rebuilt – by what is generally recognized as one of the best injection shops in the USA. ($3000). The pump now has approx has 1 hour of total run time). New stainless-steel exhaust manifold. Stainless steel exhaust. EGT and boost-pressure gauges. Extensive powder-coating.

Transmission: 5-speed manual (from 1990 Dodge Ram 3500 pickup. Getreg 360).
Axles: Dana 60 high-stee front. Dana 70 rear.

Built by a master mechanic, taking his time, doing it right, over six years.

It started with two FJ55’s (a 1970 and a 1971 – both from Colorado, via Texas).
Here in California, we used both FJ’s to built only one – using the best parts from each. We improved the orriginal design whenever possible: Example: The roof now has four steel support-braces, (take from each vehicle) not the normal two (per factory design).

New Paint. No rust anywhere, including the underside, which is fully coated.

Suspension: Spring-over with high steer Dana 60 front axle. Dana 70 rear axle. Full adjustable Rancho 9000 shocks (their top of the line). 4 shocks in front on custom powder-coated mounts. 2 in rear.

Custom two-piece roll bar (powder coated to match the paint). Designed to be easily removable.

Custom bumpers. FAR stronger than stock (at least 3x).

Custom rock sliders (‘nerf bars’). Fabricated from heavy-stock steel tubing.

Stainless steel steering column, with tilt, and quick-release walnut steering wheel. (Theft deterrent – steering wheel fits in locking console).

New “painless” wiring throughout. (all new wiring).

New 500 HP radiator.

Brakes: EVERYTHING is new. Disks on Dana-60 fronts. Drums on Dana-70 rears.

Extensive powder-coating throughout (all red, all silver, much black), including much of the engine and engine bay.

Extensive woodwork: Custom made Solid Walnut Dash. Solid walnut door handles. Solid walnut gage pods (mount to the A-pillar).

Resewn and re-foamed dashboard – double needle stitched – full length. High grade black vinyl.

Locking console between bucket seats. Padded on top. Steering wheel fits inside for security.

DC to AC (pure sine wave) power inverter – for powering your voltage-sensitive equipment (lap top, etc.).

Stainless steel fasteners used liberally throughout. No rust down the road.

High-end marine stereo head-unit (unique/rare within an automobile). Bluetooth etc.

High quality stereo power amplifier and speakers. Oversized oxygen-free speaker wire.

Powder coated (black) and pinstriped (green) stainless steel 17” wheels, with new (0 miles) BF Goodrich All Terrain radials (five tires – including spare).

Extensive sound deadening under new thick-pile carpet. New headliner. New (custom) door panels, kick panels, back panels. 2 bucket seats (rear bench seat was removed and not utilized).

We have done most everything we could think of. It’s an amazing rig.

I also know that there are some pretty nice off-road machines out there, but they all tend to utilize either underpowered (Toyota) gasoline motors or (L88 etc) racing engines, OR modestly sized diesel motors (4 liters and under, such as the 12HT or 4BT). This is a 5.9 liter diesel. WITH turbo. Of industrial Cummins 6BT pedigree. As overbuilt as they come. Same for the axles. About twice as strong as the stock Toyota axles. AND it’s currently built like a show car (and what a show car it would be!) Have you ever seen one of these!!! – A show-car grade FJ55 – with a powdercoated Cummins 6BT!! No. You haven’t. They don’t exist… until now.

So what will YOU want to do with it? Show it? Weekend driver? Take it on an adventure to Alaska? South America? Across Europe? Around the world? It will do that. YOU should do that.

My mechanic and I are open to discussing finishing the car for you – to your specs, if you desire. OR you buy it as it is now. That’s your decision. But at this point, no matter what you plan to do, it’s 99% done. And’s for sale NOW.

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