1969 Mercedes Benz 600 W100

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1969 Mercedes Benz 600  W100

Price: $42,500 US Dollars

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The Mercedes 600 or internally known as the W100 was built between 1963 and 1981.  they made a Short Wheel Base (SWB) version and a Long Wheel Base (LWB) version.    The LWB model has a central divider with power window.

  • A short wheelbase 4-door sedan, available with a power divider window separating the front seats from the rear bench seat, although most were built without this feature.
  • A long wheelbase 4-door Pullman limousine (with two additional rear-facing seats separated from the driver compartment by a power divider window, of which 304 were built), and a 6-door limousine (with two forward-facing jump-seats at the middle two doors and a rear bench-seat).

mercedes-600-sedan-2 mercedes-600-sedan-3

This car is far from perfect.  It will need alot of work to get back to showroom condition.   There is a company in Wisconsin that specializes on these cars . Click Here

Many people shy away from these restorations due to the high cost and complexities of these cars.   The 600 has a complex hydraulic pressure system (150 ar and 2,176 psi ) that powered the windows, setas, sun roof, boot lid and automatically closing doors.    The car has exceptional ride quality and performance handling.


The interior wood dash will need restoration at a high costs.  This project car will need a lot to get back to its glory.

Most cars need at least $50,000 worth of work according to experienced Mercedes Mechanics.

A new 4 way hydraulic switch for the driver’s window is $11,200!


Overall, there were 2,677 cars built.

SWB:  2,190 built

LWB:  428 built


I have not seen a 600 with cloth seats only leather.   I wonder if its been replaced with cloth at some point in its life.  This car is worth saving but I think the asking price from this dealer is extremely optimistic.



This is a great video on the 600 from Jay Leno’s garage that goes into detail on how amazing this flagship Mercedes is.



mercedes-600-sedan-8 mercedes-600-sedan-9 mercedes-600-sedan-10


Seller Description:

This 1969 Mercedes-Benz 600 SWB LHD is a very original car for straightforward restoration. Black with white velour interior. It comes complete except for it’s AC compressor. The engine turns freely and it was last running a year ago. The air suspension also pumped up and held pressure. Interior upholstery usable with cleaning. A great buy at just $42,500.




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