1969 Lancia Zagato Rare for $49,000

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Spotted for sale in Florida is a 1969 Lancia Zagato Rare for $49,000

Stunning car that you can just stare at for hours. The paint shines a glossy and deep orange and no question this car was very much loved for as all Zagatos are. The paint shines a deep and glossy orange and the body is straight with no indication of any repaint and/or bodywork ever, and as the picture will indicate and only usual wear and tear for an original 50+ year old car.

The interior is equally as clean with only slight wear. Notice some slits/tears on both front seats…. thats 50+ year old original car for you. (our upholstery shop can repair easily though finding the exact matching leather dexterity will cost $1.100 for both seats should you want that done. Special order leather so up to 2 weeks.)

Mainly and most importantly is the excellent mechanical condition due to its repairs throughout the years by a Zagato specialist residing locally. The drive, even at highway speeds is a pleasure. Engine idols smoothly and the transmission shifts just as it should. Straight alignment and a MAJOR MAJOR head turner!

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