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Spotted for sale is a 1969 LANCIA FULVIA COUPE 1.3S for $22,500

1969 Lancia Fulvia Coupe, 1.3S
If you are here looking at this wonderful example of a Lancia Fulvia Coupe, you must have a passion for European cars and the rare and exotic Italian cars of an Era past. 

I am offering my 1969 Lancia Fulvia Coupe, 1.3S, Series 2, 818-360….production. This is a great example of a ground up restoration with no details spared to get it right. I am an absolute Lancia fanatic and I have been working on this car on and off for quite a while. I am very attached to it and I would like to see the car go to a serious enthusiast and possibly join the American Lancia Club family. 
I also have several other Lancias and Alfas and a couple other pressing projects on the table. As such, I would like to pass on this Fulvia to someone with more time to finish it and enjoy the car. It was originally white but I have restored to classic Lancia green [Verde] and Tan interior to match original Lancia interior furniture. 

I have spent over $25k body work, class one painting, bright work accessorizing, and recent engine acquisition with rebuilt carburetors at a cost of another $5k+. I also put in aluminum cromodora wheels, [shown worth $1000 for the set]. 

Finding a great Fulvia is rare these days and the costs of these cars have escalated and are a great investment today. 
The car has 27058 miles on the clock from new. 

The car needs to be finished, install engine and electrical work and you are ready to drive of to a Classic Car meet. The car comes with extra 5 original steel wheels and tires, and other extras parts for the car as a bonus. This would be a great deal for any Lancia enthusiast or a base collector of classic cars. Great start. 

Best offer at $22.5k takes it but will negotiate any offer above $20K. No haggling please!!!

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