1969 FERRARI 365 GT 2+2 For Sale in Arizona

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1969 FERRARI 365 GT 2+2 For Sale
12 Cylinder , 4390cc / 320hp 3 Weber Carbs
Location: Mesa, Arizona

The Ferrari 365 GT 2+2  otherwise referred to as The Queen Mary was a luxurious car with leather seats , power steering, power brakes, electric windows and optional air conditioning.   Only 809 examples were produced over 4 years between 1968-1971.

Unlike its predecessor the 330 GT 2+2,  this model had independent rear suspension.   The Engine is the final evolution of the Colombo V12 twin cam.    The original color was silver and overall the car looks to be a good daily driver.   Seller notes that the engine in this car is the correct type but is not a matching numbers engine.   This is probably the reason for the low price.  I have seen this car advertised for a few months.   I would definitely get a pre-purchase inspection (PPI)  if interested in this car.  I would think this car would go quickly based on its price and rarity but has been on the market for a while.   Cars that have matching engines and are fully restored are commanding $300k plus.   I would be cautious and go see this car in person if interested.

What are your thoughts on this car?


Price $185,000 but Negotiable
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Contact (360) 790 8219

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