1969 Alfa Romeo GTV GTAm Race Car Found in Miami

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1969 Alfa Romeo GTV  GTAm Race Car

Here is a very cool  1969 Alfa Romeo GTV race car for sale in Miami, Floirda.    It has a 2.0 Liter DOHC 4 cylinder engine putting out 240 BHP.     Vintage Racing is gaining in popularity around the world and people are buying up cheap Alfa Romeos and turning them into prepped race cars.   I think that is why these cars have  doubled in the past 2 years.  Who doesnt want to go vintage racing?   These cars are beautiful to look at and with a 240 hp engine, it would be blast to drive on and off the track.   Early Porsche 911 are 50k + to buy and prep for racing.   You can buy an Alfa Romeo GTV barn find for very little money and turn it into a car prepped for the vintage racing circuit for 50k.    These cars look great with the flared fenders and the wider Campagnolo wheels.   

What else would you buy for this kind of money?


Chassis Number: AR1531225
Engine: 2.0L DOHC 4-cyl
2 X Weber Carburetors/240 bhp (est.)
5-Speed Manual Transmission
Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Top-Shelf Materials and Components.
High Quality Build at Every Stage
Exacting Recreation of Legendary Racing


From Seller:

Your entry into the world of vintage racing could not be in better company than this tribute to those renown race cars from Milano that took the world by storm.

This Alfa Romeo was built not for show, but for fun.
Has been enjoyed but has never been abused or wrecked.

It features full instrumentation, a full roll-cage and little things like Momo floor plates, sport wheels and pop-top fuel filler.

Starting with a late 1960’s 1750 Giulia Coupe, this car has been treated to an extensive build. First was the 2.0 Liter “Twin-Spark” engine build where Alfaholics provided the majority of parts including a full piston set complete with wrist pin, clips and rings, plus oversized intake and exhaust valves, connecting rods and much more. Feeding the fuel needed to run this mill is a pair of Weber dual-throat carbs, which combined with the 11.5:1 compression ratio boosted the HP rating at or above the factory specs.

Among some of the other items was a lightweight racing alternator, a lightened flywheel, aluminum radiator and MSD ignition. Alfaholics was again called on to supply front and rear suspension parts including anti-roll bars and quick steering arms. They also provided the brakes with a 4-Pot Racing Disc Brake Kit and special Rotors using Ferodo pads.

In base form this Alfa could belt out a full 240 HP. Fitted with a full steel body it was modified with a mixture of aluminum and plastic components, such as substituting Plexiglass for the windows. In addition to factory sponsored runs, a number of privateers also ran with these vehicles. There has been some conjecture of the actual meaning behind the Am moniker. One is that it represents America Maggiorata, or America Enlarged (a number of these cars were imported to the USA), while another popular belief is that it meant Alleggerita Maggiorata, which translates loosely to Lightweight-Enlarged.

Regardless, driving and ownership of one of these cars is an experience a real driver will always cherish.


Price $59,900 USD

Contact:  (305) 988 -3092

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