1968 Sterling Nova Coupe Found in Mendocino County

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1968 Sterling Nova Coupe (AKA Eureka Kit Car )


Spotted in Mendocino County is a 1968 Sterling Coupe for $8,500 USD.  I have gotten a lot of interest from members regarding these Sterling Nova kit cars otherwise known as the Sterling Eureka.  Another car that I have received interest in is the Kelmark kit cars from the same era.   There is a Nova in my area that I have seen few times.  It is always amusing to see the driver and passenger get out of the car due to the high door sills.   I am not a big fan of kit cars but then again I have never driven one.  This particular car has the wheels to complete the look.  It is missing the headlight covers  but the seller says he still has them stored away.  It also seems to have tin foil framing the rear window which looks odd.   This car uses a GM 3.8 Liter V6 with a 4 speed transmission.  I was not big fan of the kit car trend in that period but would like to test drive some of them to get a feel. None of these cars came pre-assembled by Sterling Sports Cars.  You would buy the components and put it together yourself or a third party.   They used a VW Beatle floor pan but a new model with a tube chassis design is available as well.   The Nova has also gained a following for electric car conversions since it is very aerodynamic and has ample space for battery options.

What do you think of these cars?


Price $8,500 USD

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  • Kenneth Riaski
    June 28, 2023

    So the first ten of them were made by the company it’s self but from wat I was told is that were wrecked by sterling .but one survived.it was number ten.