1968 Hemi Dodge Dart: Dick Landy

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1968 Hemi Dodge Dart: Dick Landy

the motor is pushing 1200 hp to the crank
Price: $65,000 US Dollars or OBO


Dick Landy  was a  pioneer in the Funny Car and Pro Stock ranks, Landy acquired a winning reputation in NHRA national-event and match-race competition. Landy’s considerable skills as a driver and engine builder were equaled by his flair for showmanship, as evidenced by his trademark cigar and bumper-scraping wheelstands. See extensive specs on this car.




Engine: It’s a Keith Black Stage III 505ci aluminum Hemi with aluminum heads and a Comp solid-roller, custom ground with a 0.645/0.638-inch lift and 246/256-degree duration at 0.050. The heads have a raised D-port and are heavily ported. Sitting atop the Weiand intake is a pair of Holley 950s and fuel is supplied by an Aeromotive A-1000 in-tank pump, which is housed in an Aeromotive 20-gallon fuel cell. Ignition comes from a Firecore distributor, A Crane Fireball HI-6 control box and MSD wires. Exhaust includes custom 2-1/8-inch headers, an H-pipe with 3-1/2-inch tubing, and Glasspacks. Accessories include a Mezarie electric water pump, Mercedes electric fans with a Micro Automations controller, and a custom mount that fits a Dodge Neon alternator to the front of the engine. From 4,000–7,000 rpm, 600 rwhp with 5 psi of boost.The boost has been turned up to 10 psi now the motor has been gone through for a second time by Valley Head Service in Northridge CA. According to Larry at Valley Head, the motor is pushing 1200 hp to the crank. The engine had originally been designed and built by Dick Landy Industries for a well-known race boat that campaigned in Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks area. The combo was raced successfully for many years, until the engine finally got hurt sometime around 1995.

Transmission: The 727 is fitted with a PTC 4,000-rpm-stall torque converter, a stock valvebody, and a Fairbanks shift kit.

Rearend: It’s a Mopar 8-3/4-inch with a Sure Grip and 3.91 gears.
Suspension: The front is stock torsion bar, while the rear has monoleafs, Cal Tracs bars, and Rancho shocks.

Brakes: The front discs are from a Chrysler Cordoba, the stock rear drums are on the 8-3/4.

Wheels/Tires: The front Weld Alumistars are a 15×6-inch size with Continental 195/70R15 tires. The rear Alumistars are 15x9s and are fitted with Hoosier 29×11.5-15LT DOT tires.
Paint/Body: The body is mostly stock, except for the opening up of the rear wheelwells. That was done to make it look like the original 1968 Hemi Super Stock Dart drag cars, and we dig it. James Smith Muscle Cars in Zeigler, IL, which is the shop that did the bodywork and paint using a Mercedes-Benz silver basecoat/clearcoat finish.

Interior: Continuing the Super Stock vibe inside the car,which was fitted a set of A-100 van seats to make it, as he says, “like the original Super Stockers.” As with the radiused fenders, we love it. The ideal minimalist treatment continues with Auto Meter gauges and set of Crow seatbelts as the only add-ons to such original bits like a stock steering wheel and a radio-delete plate

Dick Landy, the popular cigar-chomping engine builder and driver who campaigned successful Dodge factory race cars in a variety of classes including Pro Stock throughout the 1960s and early ’70s, died Jan. 11 of kidney failure. He was 69.

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