1967 Yellow BMW Isetta in Sebastopol

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Spotted for sale is a 1967 Yellow BMW Isetta in Sebastopol for $26,000

BMW Isetta export 300 -1957
Project spares are included with the wonderful microcar. Complete shop manuals, club notes, and repair articles designed to keep this car on the road. Fun driver!

New Sincera tires(4) Motor: rebuilt 304cc German military engine- model 403. Carburetor: Bing 141/98 lever top. Comfortable cruise speed 48 mph. Design mileage up to 65 mpg.

Boxes of spares are included in the price for this project including: motor, carburetors, 4 Kumho radial tires, spare wheels. Spare-Rust free frame, rebuilt transmission, Guibos/drive Spyder, and chain case(rear drive).

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